Radar Observer Renewal - Unlimited, Rivers, Inland Waters and Gulf-Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)

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  • Welcome to the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School's Distance Learning Programs

    Calhoon MEBA Engineering School is proud to deliver operational and management level education to crews anywhere in the world.

    CMES Campus

    'Uncompromising Excellence'

    We are the world's leading provider of Electronic Learning Systems (ELS) at the STCW level for the Mariner. We understand the challenges and demands that national and international regulatory bodies make on the ship owner and operator. Fulfilling your crew training needs is what we do best, enabling them to meet the training requirements to continue and advance their careers.
  • We have made many of the Radar Renewal Online Course materials available by logging into the 'Radar Observer Renewal - Unlimited, Rivers, Inland Waters and Gulf-Intercoastal Waterways (GIWW) - Guests' Course below. We hope you find these resources useful to your passing this proficiency.

    There is NO discernable difference in the test requirements for Unlimited, Rivers, Inland Waters and Gulf-Intercoastal Waterways (GIWW). You will receive an 'Unlimited' Radar Observer Endorsement from this course.

    We offer a complete service package to our paying customers ($225.00).

    This includes:

    1. Paid test registration to take the NMC Approved Radar Observer (Renewal:Unlimited) proficiency examination at any of over 320 Prometric Testing Centers located in the 50 US States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
    2. Access to all of the instructional video lectures and lessons
    3. Video Lectures available as iPad, iPhone, Android (Tablet and Phone) and Windows Smart Phone Downloads
    4. 2nd Business Day Delivery of Radar Plotting Sheets, DMA Pub No. 5089
    5. A sample plotting problem that recreates the entire Prometric testing ‘experience’ before taking the exam.
    6. Access to our Deck Instructors to answer questions you may have as you prepare for the test.

    Retest Policy - Included in Course Price

    A complete retest will be permitted if the person fails to acheive the minimum acceptable score for the exam. The retest is given (if needed) at the same seating used for the first attempt.

    This Radar Renewal Online Course is available to any mariner that needs this certification. There is no restriction to register and take this course.

    The Final Examination consists of two parts. One part is the Plotting Session. The other is the Written Session - Ten multiple choice questions. All possible written questions are included in the Registered Users Course

    Please enter as our guest and preview in more detail what our Radar Renewal Online Program has to offer you.

  • Find the Testing Center Closest to You

  • Find the Nearest Testing Center to your Location PDF document
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Please Read before Registering

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Glossary

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