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Am I a good candidate to successfully take the online course?

If you are comfortable using a computer, then most probably yes you are. If you have problems using a computer, give some thought to taking your exam at school rather than online. You should view the Radar Emulator in Section 2 of the Guest Access Course as well as go over Section 1 of the Guest Access Course before registering

Is there classroom instruction on plotting or radar operation? Will I be testing at your school?

All of the course instruction is done online, at your own pace. If you have a question, please use the 'Contact an Instructor' Block and ask. All testing is done at Prometric Testing Centers.

I understand that the tuition cost for the online RADAR Observer recertification is $225 but are there any additional fees tied to registration or the testing site?

There are no additional fees.

This recertification is for the “Unlimited” RADAR Observer correct?

The recertification is 'Unlimited'

Does this online portion meet the 8 hour refresher requirements of the USCG NVIC?

The online portion meets all USCG requirements, including those contained in all pertinent NVIC's.

What is the normal completion time for the online element?

Students are taking between three to eight hours, on average with the study materials.

Is there a minimum amount of the online material that must be completed before I can go test out?

There is no minimum time required to be spent with the training materials; use them as you feel they help you; you can request to test out immediately after registering for the course if you desire.

What is the best way to contact the school if I am having difficulties registering or with the course?

If you have questions or are experiencing problems, please contact us at for assistance. Any email request for assistance or information is routed simultaneously to all departments involved with the course, and as a result will receive a response in a timely manner because the person/department that will handle it sees it immediately. A request for assistance made by phone will actually have a delayed response time, due to the time needed to take the information, determine the appropriate person/department to handle the request, and refer the request to them.

How do I find the Prometric Testing Center nearest to my location?

Go to In the Menu, select 'Locate a Test Center'. Scroll down the page until you see 'CMES-MEBA' and select. In the Menu, select 'Locate a Test Center'. In the Appointment Selection drop down box, select 'Radar Observer Recertification Online' and then select 'Next'. Enter your address in the 'Test Center Selection' Search Box, and then select 'Search'. You will then see Testing Center Locations that are near your address.

Why can’t I open the Registration Forms?

You need to use a Flash enabled browser/device to open and fill out the forms.

I want to take the final examination now. Should I email/call the school to schedule my appointment?

No. At the upper left corner of the ‘Registered User’ Course Page is a link ‘Exam Registration’ to Register to take the Exam at Prometric. Fill it out and submit it. We will create your eligibility file, send it to Prometric and then email you your eligibility ID as well as instructions on how to schedule your final examination.

How do I register to take the final exam?

When you feel comfortable with the course material and want to schedule to take the final exam, you will need to send a request to take the exam. Go to the upper left corner of the ‘Registered Users’ Course Page and click on the link ‘Exam Registration’ there will be a short request form to fill out. We will then send your eligibility to test to Prometric as well as send you instructions on how to schedule your final exam with Prometric. It can take up to 24 hours for Prometric to process your test eligibility file.

When should I schedule to take the final examination?

Wait until you receive the plotting sheets that are sent to you. Practice your plotting. Be able to answer all of the multiple choice questions.

Can I cancel and/or reschedule my test appointment?

Yes, by using the Prometric Web site. Many test appointments can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the Prometric Web site. From the home page, click on the button for what you’d like to do (either cancel or reschedule). Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions which will walk you through the process, step by step.

As part of the process you’ll need to provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially, so please have it with you.

How do I know what the final examination will look like?

Go to Section 12 of the course. You will find the ‘Prometric Radar Renewal Examination Simulation’ link that very closely mirrors what you will see on the computer screen at the testing center. We strongly advise that you do NOT go take the final examination without first viewing it.

What should I expect when I get to the Prometric Testing Center?

Prometric Testing Centers are National Maritime Center approved testing facilities. They need to make sure that no ‘aids’ are permitted into the test center that would unfairly help a student pass an examination. They have a strict set of security protocols that they use at the test center.


The following test center regulations are enforced at Prometric test centers. All test takers are shown this list upon arrival at the center:

1. You will be continuously monitored by video, physical walk-throughs and the observation window during your test. All testing sessions are video and audio recorded.

2. You must present valid (unexpired) and acceptable ID(s) in order to take your test. Validity and number of IDs required is predetermined by your test sponsor.

3. You are required to sign out on the test center roster each time you leave the test room. You must also sign back in and show your ID to the Test Center Administrator (TCA) in order to be re-admitted to the test room.

4. You are prohibited from communicating, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any part of your test, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, for any purpose.

5. You must not talk to other candidates or refer to their screens, testing materials, or written notes in the test room.

6. You must not use written notes, published materials, or other testing aids, except those allowed by your test sponsor. (The TCA will refer to the applicable client practice for allowances.)

7. You are allowed to bring soft ear plugs or center-supplied tissues in the test room.

8. Any clothing or jewelry items allowed to be worn in the test room must remain on your person at all times. Removed clothing or jewelry items must be stored in your locker.

9. You must not bring any personal/unauthorized items into the testing room. Such items include but are not limited to: outerwear, hats, food, drinks, purses, briefcases, notebooks, pagers, watches, cellular telephones, recording devices, and photographic equipment. Weapons are not allowed at any Prometric Testing Center. You will be asked to empty and turn your pockets inside out prior to every entry into the test room to confirm that you have no prohibited items.

10. You will be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to every entry into the test room. If you refuse, you cannot test.

11. You must return all materials issued to you by the TCA at the end of your test.

12. You must comply with the policy of your test sponsor regarding the use of phones during scheduled breaks in your test.

13. Your test may have either scheduled or unscheduled breaks which are determined by your test sponsor. The TCA can inform you what is specifically permitted during these breaks.

14. Repeated or lengthy departures from the test room for unscheduled breaks will be reported by the TCA.

15. If you need access to an item stored in the test center during a break such as food or medicine, you must inform the TCA before you retrieve the item. You are not allowed to access any prohibited item (as defined by the client practice applicable for the test you are taking).

16. You must conduct yourself in a civil manner at all times when on the premises of the testing center. Exhibiting abusive behavior towards the TCA, or any other staff member of the test center, may result in criminal prosecution.

17. To protect the privacy of all testers, the TCA can neither confirm nor deny if any particular individual is present or scheduled at the test center.

18. Persons not scheduled to take a test are not permitted to wait in the test center.

What will I be allowed to take into the testing section of the test center?

You will be able to take up to three radar plotting sheets, navigational triangles, dividers and a non-scientific calculator.

How do I know the correct answers on the plotting section of the examination are right?

The plotting portion of the final examination was proofed by multiple approved radar instructors as well as run on an ARPA Simulator. Additionally all of the possible choices available for each plotting question are different by a value greater than the allowed margin of error.

I’m a member of MEBA. Will I be reimbursed for the cost of the course?

Yes, if you successfully complete the course you will be reimbursed. You will not be reimbursed for travel or other related expenses to take the final examination.

I passed the final examination at Prometric. When and how will I receive my certificate?

At the testing center you will receive a raised sealed pass report from Prometric. Your certificate will be sent by USPS from the school and should be received within 10 business days of passing your exam.

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